A Ministry of the

United Church of Canada

What does this cost?

Costs for Congregations:


We are looking to rent the satellite boxes to churches on a weekly basis.  The costs include:


Rental of the Satellite Unit:          $50

Bandwidth (cellular hotspot) .      $20

Fee from the Hub                      $125   (This may vary from hub to hub)


Total                                           $195




Costs to Become a Hub:


A hub installation costs up to $30,000 depending on the existing equipment at the hosting church.  Rural Connect is offering loans to cover the cost of becoming a hub with a reasonable repayment schedule.  The hub can charge participating satellite churches to meet the repayment schedule.  This then becomes a revenue stream for the hosting church.


It is also possible for a church to purchase the equipment permanently on their own.


For more information contact ruralconnect@united-church.ca






This is less than the rate for pulpit supply, and doesn't         require any travel costs