A Ministry of the

United Church of Canada

List of Current Hubs

If you are interested in trying a multisite service, you can contact one of these hubs and schedule a free  trial:


Southampton United Church, Southampton Ontario  - Contact: Kathleen Wolfe - (519) 797-3803  southuc@bmts.com   Website:  https://www.southamptonunited.ca/the-hub


St. John's United Church, Marathon Ontario .  -  Contact:    George Bott, george.bott@gmail.com .                     Website:  https://www.stjohnsmarathon.ca


St. Mark's United Church, Cannifton Ontario .  -  Contact:   Sheila Parks,  secretary.stmarkscannifton@cogeco.net  or      pastor.stmarkscannifton@cogeco.net  - (613) 968-4222                     Website:  https://stmarkscannifton.ca


St. Paul's United Church, Midland Ontario  -  Contact:                                                                                            Website:  http://www.stpaulsmidland.org


Trinity United Church, Thunder Bay Ontario  -  Contact:   Joan Bailey  - (807) 345-5621  trinityu@tbaytel.net                                   Website:  www.trinityunited.church


Trinity United Church, Nainaimo, B.C.  -  Contact:  John Crowdis - revjohntuc@gmail.com


McClure United Church, Saskatoon, Sask. -  Contact:  Gordon Cobb  -  g.cobb@sasktel.net


St. Martin's United Church, Saskatoon, Sask.  -  Contact:  Jordan Cantwell  -   jordan@stmartinsuc.com


Broadway United Church, Regina, Sask. -  Contact:  Jim Balfour - jas.balfour@outlook.com


Harrow United Church, Harrow, Ontario - Contact:  Dennis Graham  -  denngrah@gmail.com


St. Paul's United Church, Bowmanville, Ontario - Contact:  Derek Marcellus - dmarcellus@rogers.com


Atlantic Garden City United Church, Winnipeg, Man. -  Contact:  Don Schau - don.atlanticgcuc@mymts.net



More hubs are on the way.  If you have any questions you can contact ruralconnect@united-church.ca