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United Church of Canada

What is a Satellite (Partner)?

A satellite/partner church will receive the outline of the service and assign a lay leader to do the parts assigned to them (read the scripture lessons, the Minute for Mission, perhaps the pastoral prayers).  On a Sunday morning, they simply plug the box in, turn it on, and do a sound check with the hub/host.  The satellite/partner church controls the sound level – if you can control the volume on the remote control on your TV, you have all the technical skill you need.  Everything else is controlled by the hub.






Here's a video that takes a closer look at the satellite box that churches would receive.  There's lots of tech here, but remember, all the satellite church needs to do is open the box, plug it in, place the data projector where it can shine on a screen or wall.  Connecting to the hub, camera movement, and audio are all controlled by the hub.