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Starting June 9th, we are sponsoring a weekly "conversation" about the possibilities of church after the pandemic.  Many have made significant adaptations to the way they did worship over the past year and there's a growing realization that we will not be going back to the way things were.  We have become aware of new opportunities and possibilities.


The reality is that none of us know what lies ahead, and that we are making the future up as we go along.  For that reason, we felt it would be valuable to start a weekly conversation where we can ask questions and share ideas with one another as we continue on this journey of change and transformation.


This isn't going to be a workshop of webinar format.  It will be participatory where those who come will set the agenda.  The format for the "Conversation" will have a first half of approximately 45 minutes where everyone is able to ask questions and the group will try to answer them.  These can be nuts and bolts kind of questions (e.g. what's the best kind of camera for streaming?) to more theoretical questions (e.g. how can we foster engagement and even transcendence in our hybrid services?). The second half will look at a particular theme (e.g. hybrid worship, the generation gap, etc.) answering questions as they arise.


The time of the Zoom meeting will be 1:30 on Wednesday afternoons (Eastern time, so that will be morning out west and later in the afternoon out east) .  Everyone is invited to ask questions or join in the discussion and offer your insights.  By sharing our experiences and wisdom we will be better able to face the unknown, hopefully with some excitement and not just exhaustion.


If you fill out the following form you will receive a link to the Zoom meeting and a schedule of weekly topics.  Please consider joining us and sharing your questions and experience.




















Past recordings of Conversations can be found here:


























Any questions, email me at RuralConnect@united-church.ca




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